Charter of Passenger Rights for Passenger-Oriented Operation

Charter of Passenger Rights is a voluntary initiative by Metro İstanbul, and is intended to enhance service quality by meeting passenger needs and expectations in the most proper way. Metro İstanbul commits itself to make utmost efforts in meeting the service standards stated EN 13816 Public Transport in  Service Quality Standard in the present Charter, as well as passenger needs and expectations.

1. Passenger Information

  • Passenger information is provided in a clear and appropriate to its purpose. Many communication channels can use also considering today's technology to meet passengers information  needs.
  • Information on schedules and fares as well as other service information can be easily obtained through brochures, on the electronic environment (the internet) or by telephone. It is also possible to receive a prompt reply through the call centers.
  • Each station/stop is clearly defined. Up-to-date information on route numbers, destinations and departure times is available at each stop and station. Route information or line number and signboard are presented on each vehicle. Furthermore, all the concerned staff are charged to provide the necessary information in case of need
  • When the distruptive situations of the transport service occur(equipment failure,vehicle failure, maintenance etc.)passangers are informed at least five days in advance

2. Accessibility

Metro İstanbul makes all cooperative efforts required to ensure the access of passengers to the public transport system. In this regard, needs of all passengers are taken in consideration which make an effort stations/stops and vehicles to be fit access of all passangers

3. Maintenance, Repair and Cleanliness of Vehicles

Metro İstanbul properly maintains the organization and cleaning of vehicles and facilities falling under its area of responsibility, and also performs as well as improves their maintenance-repair activities



4. Reliability and Punctuality


Public transport service that needs to be in accord with timetable studiously. İn case of formation given services affecting factors of punctuality and reliability that provides information and alternative solutions as soon as possible.

5. Passenger Safety and Security

  • For Metro İstanbul, the safety of its passengers is the first priority. Metro İstanbul take measures in this regard all kinds.
  •  As part of its responsibilities, Metro İstanbul provides high level of security in accordance with the rights and privacy of individuals.
  • all passengers and drivers are covered by personal accident insurance against any potential accident.

6. Riding Comfort

  • Metro İstanbul commits a comfy trip to its passangers. Therefore adequate air-conditioning, lighting and ventilation are provided inside the vehicles.

7. Customer Demands and Complaints

  • Passenger feedback is highly encouraged to enhance service quality. Metro İstanbul analyzes the comments and suggestions of actual and potential passengers and takes remedial measures that will meet passenger demands at the optimum level and answers maximum within a week.
  • Passengers can contact the Call Center about the articles lost in the stations and vehicles.

8. Environmental Impacts

  • In order to keep environmental impacts under control, all solid, liquid and gaseous wastes generated during the maintenance and failure-recovery of vehicles are disposed of recycled and reused in accordance with the environmental legislation.
  • All our employees regularly train and raise awareness about environmental risks.
  • In the cleaning of the stations and vehicles, we prefer biodegradable substances without any hazard to the environment and human health.
  • At the station passangers in public place and technical volumes as part of legal legislation occupational health and safety and emissions environmental measurements built at regular intervals and the observed adverse conditions are taken measures to eliminate or minimize.


Our Expectations from Passengers

  • In order to offer public transport services at the quality and standards set forth in this Charter, we expect our passengers to take the following points into consideration
  • All passanger are charged apart from under six years old children and right of free passage laid down by laws passangers. Passengers are required to use electronic tickets, cards or tokens during their trips and present their travel cards to the staff in charge when necessary. Personal use of private cards (blue, discounted, free, student etc.) in case of usage by another persons it should be noted that officials have authority of confiscation .
  • Please do not litter the stops/stations and vehicles
  • According to the Anti-Smoking Law no. 4207, it is prohibited to use any tobacco products inside public transport vehicles, waiting lounges and at stations/stops.
  • Please act responsibly and respectfully towards the staff and other passengers, without speaking loudly, and listening to music players loudly to disturb other passengers.
  • Playing live music in station areas and vehicles is subject to permission
  • Taking picture for commercial and educational are permit-required.
  • Please do not enter the stations or vehicles with combustible, explosive and flammable substances.
  • Please do not get on the public transport vehicles with luggage weighing more than 30 kg, or exceeding the dimensions 120 X 50 X 60 cm.
  • In case of emergency cases in stations or stops (suspicious packages, emergency health problem, falling on the tracks), please inform the nearest staff accordingly. In such a case passangers can use entryphones in the station and vehicles or apply to security staff and station chief.
  • In case of emergency in stations or trains please notify to nearest staff with entryphone or directly and without panic must be followed announcement/instructions made by officials and without panic must be followed announcement/instructions made by officials.
  • In case of emergency in stations or trains must be used ’’Emergency Response Equipment’’ (fire extinguisher tube, train emergency stop button, fire call button etc.)
  • Trespass must not absolutely be done to the rail stations, passanger entries must be from checkpoints.,
  • Be entered into the ‘’No Trespassing’’ sign field is strictly forbidden. For your safety Don’t cross the yellow line at platformas or stations and Don’t go down to the railway line.
  • Passengers with bicycles can only travel during off-rush hours (except for 07:00-09:00 and 16:00-20:00), paying an extra fare for the bicycle.
  • İt shouldn’t ride skateboards, skates and similar tools in stations or vehicles.
  • Pets are not allowed in the stations or trains, except for

-          Guide dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers

-          Small pets in cage (excluding predatory, venomous etc. animals which may harm the passengers if released)

-          Ride with dogs can not be sized to fit into the cage

  • According to these rules accapted animals interested in responsibility belongs to the accompanying persons. İn any way getting rid of the control of its owner or its cage and endangering the safety or security measures from any action that hinders the operation should be noted that these individuals be held accountable.